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ADU Projects from planning, design concept, permits, mobilization to completion

California Modulars is a one-stop shop. California Modulars partners with and brings the experience of a seasoned design team, engineers, permitting specialist, finance specialist, development team and multiple construction teams.

Architecture & Design

We've been designing small yet efficient homes since our founding in 2006.

ADU Factory Model + Site Construction

Our experienced Facilitator Team will bring your ADU to reality.


We partner with the best structural, electrical and civil engineers in town to ensure your ADU is safe and energy efficient.

Finish & Fixture Options

We offer a nice range of options to customize your ADU. Enough to keep it interesting without overwhelming.

Permit processing

Our Secert weapon is that we're really good at the boring stuff too, like expeditiously permitting your ADU

Financing Partnership

We partner with local lenders that can offer you great financing options on your backyard home

California Modulars is prepared to step in at any point in your project. You may have already started the process and hit a roadblock or have plans and permits in hand, but have no idea of how to proceed. At any stage, California Modulars has solutions for your needs and budget

Service package #1

Start-to-finish we’ll do it all for you.

California Modulars provides the planning, design concept,permitting and construction of your modular ADU.

Service package #2

Your plans. Our construction.

You provide the plans and permits and California Modulars completes the your custom ADU home building project.


Traditional onsite construction is outdated. It’s slow, wasteful and less efficient than modern prefab construction methods.

We build highly efficient, prefab kit homes.

The homes are a great solution for:

  1. Expensive housing markets such as ski towns, Denver, and most of California.
  2. ADU’s – Accessory Dwelling Units. These are also known as granny flats, backyard homes, patio homes, guest homes, etc. There is a big movement in expensive housing markets to allow accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) to alleviate the affordable housing crisis. Some states like Hawaii and California have streamlined the permitting process for ADU’s so you can get a building permit in a matter of days instead of months.
  3. Indian Reservations. Because most Indian reservations are in remote locations, our homes offer a great alternative to low quality manufactured homes and expensive site-built homes.
  4. Rental Units. California Modulars make great investment as nightly rental units in vacation areas. They are perfect to rent out on Air BNB, VRBO, etc.


1. Precision-built, Kit Homes

2. Prefab Modular Units

Precision-Built Kit Homes. We prefabricate parts of the home in our factory and ship your home as a kit anywhere in the western United States. The home is then assembled by a local contractor in your area. The home is generally shipped in two different shipments:


This includes everything needed to complete the exterior of the home. When the shell kit is assembled, the home looks completed from the outside.

The shell kit includes:

  1. Wood framed wall panels – 12’ sections, pre-framed, all exterior and interior walls included.
  2. Trusses or pre-cut roofing joists.
  3. Pre-cut beams and posts.
  4. Any additional framing materials needed.
  5. All hardware (posts bases, structural plates, bolts, etc.).
  6. Windows.
  7. Exterior doors.
  8. Exterior house wrap / weather barrier.
  9. Pre-stained or painted siding.
  10. Roofing underlayment.
  11. Pre-cut metal roofing.
  12. Fascia and Soffit.
  13. Decking.
  14. Any other misc. items needed to complete the exterior shell of the home.

After the shell kit is assembled, local subcontractors complete the following:

  1. Electrical
  2. Plumbing
  3. HVAC
  4. Insulation
  5. Drywall

These items are not part of the kit and labor and materials are provided by local sub-contractors. These items usually need to be done by licensed professionals in your state. These subcontractors generally install their own products so they can warranty their work. For this reason, we do not include these materials in the kit.

The Finish Kit Includes:

  1. Pre-painted interior doors & trim work.
  2. Tile kit – everything you need to compete the tile work (underlayment, tile, spacers, shower pans, grout, thin-set, etc.).
  3. Hardwood Flooring – flooring, underlayment, trim pieces, etc.
  4. Cabinets.
  5. Hardware (door knobs, cabinet hardware, towel bars, etc.).
  6. Plumbing fixtures.
  7. Light fixtures.
  8. Countertops – (depending on the home and type of countertop chosen).

Generally, a kit home can be built in about half the time as a standard site-built home. In addition, parts of the home are built out of the weather, in a controlled environment, using precision equipment. The result is a better-built home, faster and with much less hassle.

In some cases, a completed modular unit is also a good option. We also offer prefab modular units.


The home is assembled in sections and delivered as completed prefab modules.

Characteristics of the prefab modular home are:

  1. The home is delivered about 90% completed. The interior is completed with cabinets, appliances, etc. However, some work will still need to be completed onsite such as trim work where the modules come together, continuation of flooring across marriage lines, etc.
  2. Not all floor plans work as modular units. We are only able to build homes that can be transported as modules. For that reason, only specific floor plans work as modular units.
  3. All site work still needs to be completed onsite: foundation, driveways, decks, utility connections, etc.
  4. Shipping is more expensive with a modular home than with a kit home. We are shipping oversized loads that require special permits, pilot cars, etc.

Benefits of Prefab Construction:

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, “There are tremendous benefits to building parts of the home in a controlled facility. Materials are protected from the weather and used in a more efficient manner.”

HIGHER QUALITY. A pre-fab home is built to a higher degree of accuracy than site- built homes. They are more accurately built and more energy efficient. In addition, because factory-built homes are built to withstand shipping and are often stronger then site-built homes.

FASTER. Prefab modular homes are delivered and completed onsite much faster than stick-built homes. The entire home is usually completed in 60 days or less.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Your home is built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home.

LOWER COST. Our construction method reduces waste and expensive on-site labor. We pass these savings on to you.


Our homes generate about 80% less waste than standard site built homes. A factory setting allows us to use construction materials in a more efficient manner. In addition, waste and poor workmanship caused by weather is eliminated

Because we focus on extreme energy efficiency, your home will require much less energy and natural resources to maintain and enjoy.

We incorporate sustainable building products throughout the entire construction process from the framing to the final finishes.

Our homes are not big, boxy or wasteful. We strive to use every square foot of space in an efficient manner. A small home is not only smarter, less expensive and simpler, it’s better for the environment.

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