California Modulars aims to give you tools and knowledge to understand the process of getting an ADU before you start your project. It is important to research all the pieces before you commit to anything. Some of them are straightforward, for some you need to talk with a professional, and we can connect you with lenders and contractors who specialize in ADUs in your local area. It is a lengthy process so better start now!

Start by reviewing ADU Zoning Requirements in your area. Call California Modulars at +1(408) 718-9946 for a FREE site visit & price estimation.


Pre-Planning (typically 1-2 months)

Research the zoning and permitting process
Measure your space, estimate your budget, set timeline goals
Collect design examples you like
Save contact information for professionals who could help
Connect with others who have gone through the process

Start the Process (typically 2-4 months)

Source Design/Build consultations & estimates
Engage with lenders to decide on your financing plan
Decide on ADU type & design

Build Your Project (typically 4-12 months)

Finalize the Design & Engineering plans to submit for permits
Submit Project for Local Permit Approvals & Make Any Changes Required
Upon Approval You May Start Construction of the Project