5 Steps To Manifest A Dream House


Realizing one’s dream home can be a simple process that yields fruitful outcomes. You’ll undoubtedly face some obstacles along the way, but they won’t hinder you the way they might have in the past.

Additionally, keep in mind that you are not required to be an expert to use the appropriate tactics. Both novice and seasoned practitioners can use the next five steps. 

Additionally, you’ll discover that many of these methods may be applied to other aspects of your life, encouraging success, happiness, and mental health.


The first step is to immerse oneself in the logistics of finding a new house.

Start with a fantasy board or a dream board. You can in a real sense draw it out. This will assist you with giving substantial pieces of what is critical to you. List everything you can imagine that is important.

What are the key characteristics of a good floor plan when designing your house?

  • Versatile and Adaptable. Make sure that, whether for your family or that of a future buyer, an office may be readily converted into a child’s bedroom in the future.
  • Ideal room arrangement. Make sure bedrooms are located away from social areas. Bathrooms shouldn’t be located next to areas used for socializing, such as living rooms or dining rooms. The majority of people prefer it if the kitchen is open to the dining or living areas so the cook can still converse with visitors or watch the kids play.
  • Size does matter. Consider how many people will be using the space at once when planning any room or hallway. Are they able to move about easily? Is there enough room for all the scheduled activities and furniture?
  • Meets your lifestyle and priorities. If entertaining guests is a priority, make sure there is a smooth transition from the kitchen to the living room and outdoor area. Make sure your office has ideal lighting and is perhaps in a peaceful area if you work from home. Is it okay if you have to go up three flights of stairs to go from your master bedroom to the laundry room when you do your laundry?
  • Strike a balance between practical requirements and architectural details. Before falling in love with some grand staircase or floor to ceiling windows, consider the safety of children, cleanliness, heating and cooling bill, and heating and cooling costs.

As you create these lists, you will depict the connections between interior areas, exterior features, and rooms as seen from above. With this you can feel free to revise them because your priorities will probably shift as you go. You might be tempted to add to your list of things you can’t stand or wish to stay away from, but doing so will only focus on the bad and will decrease your vibration, which will make it harder for you to materialize the ideal home.

Step 2: Think of an ideal Location

If you have children or plan to have children, or if you simply want to take care of every little detail, check to see if your dream home is close to hospitals and quality educational institutions. We all require them at some point! It is therefore wiser to choose your home based on these considerations. Consider the neighborhood’s overall quality by taking a broad view of it.

Consider the locations that you will frequently visit, such as gyms, shopping centers, theaters, or other places. Analyze the long-term prospects of the place and see if their closeness suits your preferences. Do you have the wherewithal to handle it? Does it fit well?

But of course, having your dream house in a beach, farm, rural, or urban place can be put to much consideration. 

Manifesting a crystal clear picture of the future you want to attract is crucial to manifesting a new home. The easiest thing to accomplish when employing the creative visualization approach is to create an image that is connected to optimism, self-assurance, and positivity. At least once a day should be your goal for practicing this method; you’ll notice that it becomes simpler as you perform it more frequently. It assists you in clarifying your goals and enables you to resonate at the same frequency as your ideal home.

The location is one of the factors that matters most when making a home purchase plan. And it’s not as simple to choose the best one as you might first imagine. You need to study a lot of elements and take into account a lot of different factors. Therefore, it is crucial to realize the value of a superb site right away!

Even if you have located your ideal home, you could later come to regret it if the area is unsuitable for your needs.

While applying your practical thinking, examine maps of the area in question and establish boundaries for your search.

Once more, you can draw boundaries between an ideal, a good, and an acceptable area. For instance, if the ideal property were located in this neighborhood, you may give it some thought. After finishing these two chores, you’ll be in a fantastic position to manifest something concrete. 


Step 3: Go to Google Earth Scroll!

Explore the Earth on your computer. Utilize the 3D viewer to examine terrain such as mountains, hills, landmarks, and underwater views. You may pan, tilt, and rotate the screen to get a better look around.

Modify your perspective. Change your viewpoint and explore various environments, use the mouse.

  • Left-click and hold to look anywhere. Then, move the pointer till the desired view appears.
  • Click the map and then press r to go back to the default view.

Utilize the navigation controls. The map’s upper right corner contains the navigation controls, which disappear when you aren’t using them.

  • Mouse over the map’s right-hand corner to display the navigation controls.
  • Click View Next Show Navigation Next Automatically in the top menu if you can’t see the navigation controls.
  • Click View Next Show Navigation in the top menu to reveal or conceal the compass.

Explore globally! 

  • Activate Google Earth.
  • A compass direction arrow should be pointed to.
  • Hold the left mouse button down. Once you’ve arrived at the area of the world you want to see, let go of the button.

Decide on a standard starting point. Every time you open Google Earth, you can choose a different starting point.

  • Activate Google Earth.
  • Go to the place you intend to use as your starting point.
  • To get the view you desire, rotate, tilt, and zoom in.
  • Select View Next Make this my start location from the top menu.

The location of your dream home will have a big impact on how well this life upgrading goes. Why is it essential? If you’re still not sure what you should do, consider how this choice will influence you over the long run, when you might want to resale it, for example, as well as in the short term.

What are the deciding elements? Your lifestyle, needs, and future ambitions should all be important considerations when deciding where you wish to reside. So choosing a home’s location can be exciting and terrifying. Some people would say that your future depends on this. Keep calm and let’s look into this more thoroughly.

Finding your perfect home can be challenging, and once you do, you realize that your search is far from finished. You most likely have a few choices, but you’re not sure which one would be best for you. then decide on it based on the area! Any ideal home could become a true nightmare if the community is in complete conflict with your values.

From a different angle, no matter how hard you look, there isn’t a magic wand that can tell you what is the perfect fit for you. You have to know how to play the gamble!

Step 4: Cut out facade and exterior magazines. 

Cut out images of exterior that appeals to you from a collection of architecture or interior design magazines while you’re sitting down. Create a collage using these pictures, and then hang it where you can see it every day. The more periodicals like this you peruse, the better. Continue to clip and save pictures of anything else that strikes your attention. You’ll eventually discover that your ideal house is taking shape right before your eyes.

Next, visualize the exterior of your ideal home. How does it appear, and how does it make you feel when you see it? How does it feel to enter the room? Focus on all of your senses as you mentally walk through the entire house. Do you hear any surrounding noises? Does the interior have any odors? What do you think about the house’s aesthetics and how does it make you feel? It is best if you can provide more specifics. 

Step 5: Ask a draftsman / visualizer to conceptualize everything. 

Be friends with ARCHITECTS, interior designers, or graphic visualizers. They can help you create 3D imagery of your dream house. Do not be afraid to spend a little to compensate for their time helping you bring out the concepts you want for your soon-to-be home.

When your dream house concept is an actual picture, PRINT, and DISPLAY in an area, you can always see.

Manifesting your dream house will be stronger with having your  concept VISUAL.


CALIFORNIA MODULARS is not just a corporate entity; we can be your friend who can journey with you in achieving your dreams.  Do not hesitate; allow us to help you start MANIFESTING YOUR DREAM HOUSE.

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