Milpitas CA ADU Guidelines

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) City Regulations


All single-family residential zoning districts.

Lot Size:

No minimum.

Maximum ADU Floor Area:

Attached: 150 sq.ft. min. Cannot exceed 30% of existing living area. Non-Hillside combining districts, 475 sq. ft. max; Hillside combining districts, 1,200 sq.ft.

Detached: 150 sq.ft. min., not to exceed 1,200 sq.ft.

Number of Bedrooms:

Maximum one bedroom.


No minimum/maximum.


One kitchen maximum, requires separate kitchen facilities (permanent range, counters, refrigerator, sink) and bathroom.


The second family unit shall provide one:

More off-street parking space than required for single-family dwelling. This additional parking space may be tandem and within required front yard so long as it is located on driveway serving main dwelling. Front yard coverage requirements in R1 zoning district shall apply. No parking permitted on street side yard of corner lot. Covered parking to comply with requirements in Section XI-10-54.08, Accessory Buildings and Structures, of this Chapter. Parking to measure ten (10) feet by twenty (20) feet, and be improved as provided in Section XI-10-54.03.


Attached: must comply with requirements and limitations of the main dwelling.

Detached: (non-Hillside combining district) must conform to Section XI-10-54.08, Accessory Buildings and Structures.

Detached: (Hillside combining district) must conform to the setbacks of primary dwelling.


Attached: must comply with requirements and limitations of main dwelling.

Detached: (non-Hillside combining district) 15 ft. maximum.

Detached: (Hillside combining district) 17 ft. and 1-story maximum.


Attached: to be located within habitable area of primary dwelling including basements and attics, but not garages.

Detached: Rear half of lot, at least 6 ft. and no further than 100 ft. from primary dwelling.

Rear Yard Coverage:

Detached: (non-Hillside combining district) must conform to the same rear yard coverage regulations applicable to accessory buildings and structures, as per Section XI-10-54.08.

Detached: (Hillside combining district) cannot cover more than 30% of rear yard.


Any construction shall conform to site and architectural plan review, fees, charges and other zoning requirements applicable to residential construction in zone in which property is located. The second unit to be designed to be architecturally compatible and visually integrated with main dwelling and to employ design, materials and colors matching those of main dwelling.



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