How it works

Our Process


Our process begins with a scheduled phone conversation with our team. We discuss your goals and vision for the home, the site, your budget, and timelines.  We will then provide you with general cost estimates and discuss financing options, if necessary.

(30-45 minutes)

Site Evaluation

The next step will be to evaluate your  site and get a clear understanding of the unique qualities of your property to include general access, utility locations and overall site development needs.  With this information, we can make a determination what method(s) of construction will be most efficient to meet your project goals.

(1-2 hours)

Design & Engineering

Following our site evaluation, we will execute a pre-construction agreement with you that includes a complete set of architectural drawings, HCD approved construction documents and submittal to the local building department for approval.

(4-8 weeks)


Our design and engineering team will work with the local agencies to obtain all of the necessary permits and approvals to fully complete your project.  Once received, we are ready to move on to construction and fabrication.

(4-8 weeks)

Construction & Fabrication

A dedicated project manager will oversee the factory construction and site development so all aspects of the project flow seamlessly.  Fabrication and site work will take place concurrently, saving significant time and money.

(8-16 weeks)


Upon completion of all manufacturing and site improvements, your home/ADU will be delivered by truck and set by crane or other means, directly onto the foundation.  All utility connections will then be made, exterior and interior finishes completed and in some cases, the roof will be built.  Finally, we give you the keys and you’re home!

(4-6 weeks)

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