Verona 850




840 sqft


Efficient building and engineering practices.  Advanced Framing Techniques are a set of engineering and framing techniques that reduce the amount of lumber used while increasing the amount of insulation and structural integrity of the home. This practice is also knows as Optimal Value Engineering (OVE). All of our homes are designed and engineered using Optimal Value Engineering.  This means your home is more energy efficient then standard homes.

During the construction process, our prefab homes generate about 80% less waste then standard site built homes.  A controlled factory setting allows us to use construction materials in a more efficient manner.  In addition, waste and poor workmanship caused by weather is eliminated.  The National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) states,  “There are tremendous benefits to building parts of the home in a controlled facility, materials are protected from the weather and used in a more efficient manner.”

Insulated, double pane windows with Low-E glazing and argon gas filled cavities are extremely efficient. Low-E glass decreases energy loss by up to 50%.   It contains a highly engineered surface designed to reflect heat before it passes through a window while still allowing most visible light to pass through.  It doesn’t appear any different then ordinary glass.  Low-E also reflects UV light to protect interior furnishing from sun bleaching.  Argon gas filled cavities add an additional 6% energy efficiency over windows without argon gas. Both features increase the energy efficiency of your home and lower your monthly utility bills

ENERGY STAR qualified appliances use 10% to 50% less energy than standard appliances. ENERGY STAR qualified appliances save energy, save money, and help reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants.


1) Lower Utility Bills. Appliances account for nearly 20% of the average household’s energy use. A comprehensive package of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances can save up to $80 a year in energy costs compared to standard appliance

2) Improved Quality and Durability. Energy-efficient appliances often include quality components surpassing those found in standard appliances.

Even the fans make a difference.  Energy star ceiling fans are over 50% more efficient than conventional fans.  They use improved motors, blades and designs to dramatically increase their efficiency.


The Price Builder will give you a pre site quote pricing depending on the information you provide it. There are a number of factors that influence pricing such as engineering requirements, shipping distance, local contractor costs, finish materials options selection, lot complexity and site location. In general, the finished ADU home including all the onsite costs such as foundation, driveway, utilities, excavation, decks, and finish materials, cost starting from $360 per sqft. Once our sales specialists are given the full site feasibility report by our on site engineers after your property inspection, you would get the statement of work with the final price in the contract.

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