California Modulars Commercial

Multi-family units or boutique hotels, California Modulars works with high-end architects, developers and designers to deliver high quality commercial structures.

As with our prefab homes, California Modulars commercial structures are eligible for LEED certification. Rather than a traditional, on-site approach to construction, California Modulars takes a more cost-effective and sustainable route, which has benefits for both you and the environment. Less construction waste, site impact, and reduced risk of material exposure to the elements means streamlined, efficient, on-schedule construction that takes months rather than years.

California Modulars Prefab has the team in place to build and execute office, retail, institutional, hospitality, and multi-family projects. We have partnered with a number of large commercial contractors on projects currently in process and can do so in many locations throughout the U.S.

Boutique Hospitality



 From retreats, hotels, and classrooms to functional, modern office spaces, we can ensure your commercial interests have room to grow. California Modulars provides infinitely scalable options with unmatched flexibility, a cost-effective process, and a speedy turnaround. Whether it’s a low-impact outbuilding to help your retail business blossom or a ground-up custom installation, California Modulars Prefab offers custom answers at competitive prices.

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